6 Car Radiator Maintenance Tips to Prolong Your Radiator Life



A critical part in the proper functioning of a car, the car radiator can land you into tricky situations, if not maintained properly.

So today, let’s check out 6 golden car radiator maintenance tips that will enable you to prolong the life of your car radiator. Let’s check them out!

Conduct routine checks on your radiator

To prevent avoidable expenses, make it a point to regularly check your radiator. By performing regular radiator checks, you will able to maintain proper anti-freeze levels. This will help you in preventing water from either freezing or increasing the boiling point of engine coolant in order to avoid overheating.

If you properly maintain the engine and cooling system, your car radiator can last your car’s lifetime. On the other hand, if your car overheats because of improper maintenance of your car radiator, then the engine could suffer serious damage and cost you big money!

Regularly check car radiator hoses

Every time you change your oil, it’s required that you check your car radiator hoses for leaks/cracks. This will help you take due action if required, and will help prevent expensive repairs in the long run.

Check your fluids

The most common car radiator maintenance tip is to routinely check your coolant levels to ensure that you have the right amount of fluid in the radiator. By maintaining the required fluid levels, you will be able to protect your car from overheating in hot weather conditions & prevent the water from freezing in colder climatic conditions.

Ascertain the right coolant for your car

Whether you have an aluminium car radiator a copper-brass car radiator, you need to realise that the requirements for both these types are different and a common coolant may not be suitable for your car radiator. You need to ensure that you always use coolants that are suited for your vehicle, never mix coolants & use the right dosage.

Avoid overloading your car

It’s well-advised to never ever overload your car as heavier load (load above the maximum load recommended by the car manufacturer) results in an increase in the load on your car engine. This culminates in overheating of the car engine, so it’s always better to stay below the maximum load recommendation.

Top up with Engine Coolant

To keep the engine temperature in check, it’s suggested to replace the engine coolant every 3-5 years during services/vehicle checks. Engine coolant is similar to antifreeze, with the only difference being the fact that engine coolant is the latest market entrant as compared to antifreeze. Engine coolant consists of additives which inhibit the cooling system from freezing, reduces the boiling point & assists by lining & protecting the cooling system. One such vital additive in engine coolant is the lubricating additive which helps the moving parts like the thermostat to perform their job. The absence of this additive will culminate in the thermostat sticking, or restrict a radiator pressure cap from opening, prompting overheating of the engine.


So these were 6 important car radiator maintenance tips that we just checked out. Taking these tips into consideration and acting in accordance with them will enable you to avoid a substantial number of repairs.

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