Radiators: A brief review of OEM vs Aftermarket



Your car radiator is that crucial part which if not working properly can cause your vehicle to stop moving. A breakdown of any sorts forces you to get it replaced as soon as possible. However, when you start the process of looking for a suitable replacement you would find that the industry for such parts is divided into two segments. One is the OEM or Original equipment manufacturer which in fact means that the parts are only meant for one particular manufacturer and not for everyone. On the other hand, aftermarket parts are in reality a cost-effective alternative to the OEM parts. They are made as per the specifications of the OEM parts and are produced in large numbers. Read on to know everything about oem vs aftermarket and how they fare in today’s perspective.

What is IAM?

IAM or independent aftermarket radiator would be one that has not been made by the manufacturer himself. Instead, another company or dealer would customize one as per the existing radiator available for the vehicle and sell it as an aftermarket part. Naturally, when you think of aftermarket radiator vs. OEM such pieces cost lesser.

Mostly the specifications of an IAM part is exactly similar to that of an OEM one. At times it is also possible that if you do a comparison of an OEM vs. aftermarket radiator you may eventually end up with a better deal in the aftermarket. If you decide to go the online way when it comes to purchasing an aftermarket part you might get a dearth of options available to choose from.

It also goes without saying that such aftermarket parts are sold in large volumes. This is because when it comes to choosing a replacement car part most users want a mixture of quality and cost effectiveness too. Therefore aftermarket is gaining a foothold and acting as strong opposition to the OEM industry.

What is OEM?

On the other hand, an OEM part means that it has been made by the manufacturer of your vehicle keeping the exact specifics in mind. Obviously, this means that the OEM radiator would be exactly similar to the one that you already had in your car. This also implies that when you go choosing an OEM part you do not have to conduct a lot of research for the same. There is only one option available at the dealership and that is yours for taking.

In the argument between OEM vs. aftermarket, the one thing that clearly works in the favor of former is that it provides you a better assurance of the quality provided. You have already used this radiator before and so you would not face a problem in doing so again. This naturally means that despite such parts being slightly expensive you can trust them blindly and purchase without much thought. Lastly, when thinking of OEM vs. aftermarket parts, OEM radiator would come with the manufacturer’s warranty which is a plus point which others cannot defeat.

Pros and cons of IAM


  1. Less expensive options available to guide you to make your choice. However, that depends on whether you are able to clinch a deal for yourself or not. Online there are aftermarket radiators available at different price points but any additional shipping costs should also be kept in mind.
  2. When it comes to OEM vs. aftermarket the volume at which the latter operates is huge. So it is easy to find a dealer handling these items. In fact, your local mechanic may also be handling some of them.


  1. They may not be accompanied by a warranty and you should go for them only if you are ok with that.
  2. Too much choice is somewhat overwhelming and you may find it difficult to take the right decision.
  3. It is only a slim chance that you would end up getting the best deal in case of an aftermarket radiator. Though when you compare OEM vs. aftermarket the quality differs from that of an OEM radiator.

Pros and cons of OEM


  1. It is very easy to make your choice with regards to the OEM radiator. There is only one option and you know
    that is perfectly suitable for your vehicle.
  2. The quality coming with an OEM radiator is quite superior. Since it is coming from the manufacturer’s side
    you know you are not going to lose anything by buying it. Essentially this also means that you can trust the
    radiator and make your decision.
  3. The OEM radiator has a warranty coming from the manufacturer’s side. In case the radiator faces a breakdown
    during the warranty period you would receive a replacement from the manufacturer itself. This is one key
    difference between OEM and aftermarket which gives a huge boost to the OEM industry.


  1. The price of an OEM radiator may be at least 60 % higher than the aftermarket part. But the difference in price between OEM vs. aftermarket is because of the assurance of quality received.

Which one to buy OEM vs. aftermarket?

OEM radiators may definitely be high priced but when we consider the quality aspect they score quite high. A car is a high-value purchase and no one wants to experiment with the parts used in it. Aftermarket radiators do have their share of benefits but the truth is that they fall short of the quality standards and you cannot trust them completely.

If you have never compromised on the safety of your vehicle then the purchase of an OEM part is recommended. By doing so nothing changes as you get the same kind of performance as the original car radiator was providing. There are no hiccups involved in getting an OEM radiator installed in your car as they just fit its settings perfectly.

However, if you are willing to compromise on the safety and quality factor then you can think of buying an aftermarket radiator. But, there is no assurance of getting a hassle-free operation and it could prove a bad choice in the long run. When it comes to comparing OEM vs. aftermarket the former wins hands own more so because you also get the advantage of a warranty period.


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