What is the Purpose of a Car Radiator?



Are you a car owner? If yes, then you may have certainly heard of a component in your car called the radiator. Do you know why does a car have a radiator? How does it work and anything you can do for its proper maintenance and longevity? 

In this blog, we will give the answers to all the above questions and more, including highly effective tips to keep your car radiator going strong for a long period of time. Let’s begin!

Purpose of a Car Radiator

Whether it be a car radiator or radiators used in other applications, all of them serve the same purpose. They disperse heat from the liquid circulating through them into the atmosphere, which in the case of a car radiator is coolant.

To put it simply, the purpose of a car radiator is to reduce the temperature of the hot liquid (coolant) arriving from the engine and sending it back after cooling it. This results in lowering of the heat which is derived via the running of the motor. Cooling is done by air circulating over the extensive surface area of the radiator.

How Car Radiators Work

As discussed above, the car radiator is tasked with maintaining optimal engine temperature. It does this through the use of a liquid/coolant which is circulated around the engine. Simply put, by using the radiator fan, the radiator pumps & transfers the heat of the liquid/coolant outside, which cools the liquid and makes it ready again to be circulated around the engine for extracting any more heat and cooling down the engine to the required temperature.

The Importance of Airflow for a Car Radiator

Air needs to circulate over the fins of the car radiator for the radiator to perform its cooling function. When driving in a forward direction at a brisk pace, the car generates its own airflow but when it is in a stationary state or is moving at a slow speed, this airflow needs to be generated by the radiator fan. Thus, the radiator fan needs to be in good condition to avoid overheating of the car engine. Also, you also need to routinely check your car radiator for dust & dirt which can potentially hamper optimal airflow.

Car Radiator Maintenance

To prevent the overheating of your car engine and the subsequent damage it may cause which could culminate in extensive repairs, it’s well-advised to routinely carry out car radiator maintenance. Some of this maintenance work is quite basic & simple which can be done by you yourself on a regular basis to prolong the life of your car radiator.

Taking into account the importance of this topic, we have written a separate blog on it describing 6 highly effective car radiator maintenance tips that can enable a car owner to prolong the life of the radiator in his car and save money on repairs. You can check it out by clicking here: https://www.buyradiatoronline.com/ourblog/6-car-radiator-maintenance-tips-to-prolong-your-radiator-life


So we have answered all of the 3 key questions we had set about to answer in this blog including the purpose of a car radiator, and we have also provided 6 golden car radiator maintenance tips that will help you save significant money on repairs.

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