What causes your car to overheat and what to do when it happens?

What causes your car to overheat and what to do when it happens?

What causes your car to overheat and what to do when it happens?

One of the most annoying situations car drivers can find themselves in is when their car engine overheats and they have no idea regarding the reason behind it. The majority of the car drivers will attest to the fact that when overheating of the car engine occurs, it can leave you in a complete fix. Stranded at a point, feeling helpless waiting for the tow truck to come and take your car to the nearest repair shop. the combined expenses of both leaving a big hole in your wallet.

What causes overheating of the car engine?

Coming to the point, let’s get to know the most common reasons that can cause your car to overheat. As you may be aware, every car has an in-built cooling system in place which works tirelessly to eliminate heat from the car’s engine block by circulating coolant via cooling passages & transmit that heat to the air via the radiator at the front of the car. If your car is frequently overheating, it can be due to the coolant not circulating quickly enough, the heat failing to be transmitted out of the engine to the coolant, or the heat not getting transmitted out of the coolant to the air via the radiator.

Additionally, if your car’s cooling system is not filled to the brim with coolant at all times, it won’t operate as well as possible & could be the reason behind the overheating. By having a look at the coolant reservoir, you can get an idea if the cooling system is completely filled with coolant or not. 

If to your surprise, you find an empty coolant reservoir despite it being filled lately, then it’s a strong indication that there’s a leak in your cooling system.  

What to do when your car overheats?

Being aware of what steps to undertake once your car engine overheats can enable you to act effectively while ensuring your own safety as well as that of your co-passengers. Here’s what you should do:

  1. If you encounter overheating of your car engine, pull over as quickly as possible
  2. If it isn’t possible to pull over immediately, then you can buy yourself some time to pull over by turning the heater on full blast. This’ll provide some extra cooling via the heater core
  3. Switch off the car and call for a tow
  4. If steam is coming out from below the car’s hood, don’t ever try to lift the hood
  5. Also, make sure to not open the radiator cap while the engine is hot as the hot coolant can burst outside & cause life-threatening burns
  6. Leave the system closed until it fully cools down

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