Why Regular Radiator Flush is Important?

Radiator flush is important

Most auto owners perceive radiator flush as something that isn’t essential. This is partly due to the fact that this is something that isn’t visible to the naked eye. This ignorance or negligence results in the accumulation of sludge, dirt, rust, and debris in the car radiator, which obstructs the flow of coolant & hampers the cooling process. This, in turn, results in overheating of the car engine and subsequent engine damage.


So today, let’s get to know about the engine coolant & how radiator flushes are essential for ensuring the longevity of your car engine.


What is an Engine Coolant?

First things first, let’s get to know what is an engine coolant. To put it simply, engine coolant is a heat transfer fluid that helps expel out the heat energy produced in your car engine and keeps it cool.


A coolant is a specially designed fluid which flows through a vehicle engine to ensure it remains within the ideal operating temperature range. Coolant’s constituents include either ethylene glycol or propylene glycol, water, and some protection additives. Coolant is generally green, blue, or pink in color.


Function of Engine Coolant

For the uninitiated, when a vehicle engine is in its operational state, the engine generates a huge amount of heat energy. This heat energy needs to be dispersed out of the vehicle engine to ensure optimal operating temperature range. This is where the engine coolant comes into play.


The engine coolant absorbs the heat coming from the engine and itself becomes hot. This hot coolant gets cooled down by force convection and is again pumped back into the engine for the next round of heat absorption. This process goes on continuously until the vehicle engine is in an operational state.


Importance of Radiator Flush

Flushing your car radiator periodically is an integral part of ensuring a healthy cooling system. The radiator flush basically helps remove all of the old coolant & consequent chemical buildups from the car engine. Once this is done, the cooling system needs to be refilled with fresh new coolant for a newly operational cooling system.


How to Carry Out a Radiator Flush

Before performing a radiator/coolant flush, make sure that your car engine is in a completely cooled state. This is essential for ensuring that you don’t get damaged by the hot coolant, which has the potential to do life-threatening damage. Once you have taken this precaution, you can begin with the coolant flush process. Here’s the step-by-step process: 


  1. Jack up the 2 front wheels to readily access the car radiator drainage point
  2. Open the bonnet, locate the car radiator & clean it comprehensively
  3. Examine the car radiator & check for indications of corrosion/rust
  4. Keep a bucket, pan, or bowl below the car radiator drainage valve
  5. Open the drainage valve to begin draining the car radiator
  6. Flush the car radiator with water to make sure that there is zero residue remaining from the old antifreeze/coolant


Check out your car manual for the ideal amount of coolant/antifreeze to be refilled in the radiator. Fill the radiator with the coolant. Do not put the radiator cap just yet.


Start the car engine and let it run for 15 minutes while keeping the interior heater on at the max level. This will help eradicate air pockets from the radiator. Turn off the car engine after 15 minutes and replace the cap. The radiator flush process is now complete. Make sure to keep an eye on the coolant level for around a week or 10 days. Top up the fluid if required.


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